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A communal co-working space for creatives!

Writers, painters, knitters, actors, graphic designers, etc.

After the last few years, I was feeling really isolated in my work. I love my job, but while I was traveling and painting overseas, I found I missed working alongside other people; their energy, the ability to help one another, and just build a community. 

So, I found a beautiful, cozy, intimate space in the heart of Chelsea and it is open to welcome you. 

There is a tier-based membership. Choose what is ideal for you! 

Come on down and work alongside Art By Sharone with beautiful views of water towers from our 11th floor studio. 



We are open Monday-Saturday 

there is a security guard in the building entrance

- please note, the buildings doors lock at 8pm, but you are welcome to stay in studio post 8pm!


- we have our own bathroom, as well as a shared bathroom with a large slop sink

Each member gets two (2) guest passes per month


- Coffee (decaf and regular) 

- Fridge and microwave

- water cooler

- Wifi

- Bathroom (and a slop sink) 

- Adjustable tables (can slope or become standing) 

- Self Tape Set Up


No matter which membership you choose to take at CCC, you will have access to all community events. Work share evenings, pizza nights, movies, paint and sips, who knows! Also so open to ANYONE hosting an evening.

It is important to us here at the CCC to help you grow and develop your business/craft- so if you ever wanted to hold workshops in the space for others, lets chat how to do that for you! 

There will also be a CCC Slack channel for everyone to be able to communicate with one another- look for work buddies, need a potential reader, ask questions, whatever you may need. 



This is a space open from 9am-9pm everyday.

A long communal table surrounded by art, natural sunlight, soft lighting, lots of outlets, and more. 

This sweet space is designed for any and all small scale creatives: watercolor, sketch, charcoal, pastel, writers, poets, editors, etc. 

With this you have access to communal space as well as the stealthy cat.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! 

$85 per month  

* please also add to communal snack pool*

The Stealthy Cat

Tired of losing space in your home to backdrops and sound proofing closets?


The Stealthy Cat is a sound-dampened space for voice over auditionwork, self-taping, and podcast recording, possibly even filmmaking!

This room is available M-F from 9am-9pm for members to schedule 1-2 hour blocks (if needed longer, please talk to Sharone) for any self tape, voiceover, or other needs. 

 We ask that you respect those who are working in the communal space and vice versa. There is a light outside the studio to turn on so people know if you are recording

There will be a self tape set up for you, wifi, and open to any thing else you need to bring for your work 

Once you join, you will have access to the scheduling portal. 

$75 per month 

come spend a trial day with us and see if this is the right fit for you 

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