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director | teaching artist 


My goal as a director and teacher is to be able to tell any story through a truthful and beautiful lens. I love developing new works and adaptation; helping performers, playwrights, and young directors create the most specific, strong, and vulnerable work they are capable of.

I take theater education so seriously. We need more artists who are not afraid of their opinion on characters and the tales they want to tell while being incredible and compassionate collaborators. 

I have worked with many companies including Playwrights Horizons, The Atlantic Theater Company, The Public, Roundabout, Audible, The York, and Crashbox, while also developing new works with companies like The Musical theater Factory, New York Musical Theater Festival, 5th Floor Theater, St Ann’s Warehouse, and more. For full resume- click below

on working with Sharone

“Sharone is the only person I’ll ever call to coach me through any audition material. I’m always surprised at how insightful she is when picking up a scene for the very first time. After coaching with her, I leave with a deeper understanding of the material and a more personal connection to it, giving me the confidence I need to own my work and what I bring to the table.
Whether it’s for a play, musical, film, or TV series, Sharone knows how to tailor her approach to each specific actor and their needs, allowing them to bring their “best self” into the room. A true actor’s director, she’ll always be there to guide and support, while still challenging the actor to reach their utmost potential.

— Jason Gotay (B-way's 'Bring It On' and 'Spider-Man')

“Sharone has a keen and agile mind. She is patient, empathetic, and profoundly devoted. Her work is consistently truthful, sincere, and deeply delved.”

— Isaac Klein (director/writer)

“Sharone Halevy is a true actor’s director. Having been an actor herself, she understands the needs and abilities of the actor. She knows how to showcase them to their highest ability and will not cease until she knows the work is at it’s best, until everyone performs at their highest potential.”

— Stacy Ann Strang (actor)

“What Sharone teaches actors is how to intelligently fill the framework of a text with a radical, brave empathy— something no actor can be without.”

— Fernando Gonzalez (actor)

“Working with Sharone is inspiring and refreshing. She brings originality to her work and really engages with and trusts her collaborators. Not only that, but Sharone always brings positivity to the table - she is the ultimate “can do” director. As an actor, having that kind of support and encouragement is invaluable for creating honest, solid work.”

— Marlowe Holden (actor)

“Sharone is the ultimate “Yes and—“ teacher/director. She’s positive and insightful, gentle and encouraging with an extensive knowledge of the craft. As an actor, it’s an immense gift to have such a supportive, honest collaborator. She approaches actors with radical empathy and care to create solid, enriching work. I consider myself lucky to have worked with her on several occasions, and even luckier to know her.”

— Jessie Mahon (actor)

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