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I am Sharone Halevy, a New York City commission-based abstract expressionist. My paintings are influenced by my clients' stories, inspirations, and hopes. Sound is foundational to my process, so I ask my clients to provide music which informs the paintings I create.

Art is a way to interpret our experiences and make them beautiful; to let something be contemplative as well as reflective.

There is a choice--an agreement, even--between canvas and patron: you can choose to experience a painting in a flash or sit with it for hours on end. Both should have an impact.  I strive to get the viewer's mind churning and dreaming; hopefully relating itself to a work that can seem as abstracted as our emotions.

In 2014, coming out of a time that felt messy and challenging, I started painting—and I was completely self taught. I wanted to work through and explore what I was experiencing in a tactile way and painting opened something up within me that was vulnerable yet expressive. It felt like a way to turn a moment in my life into something beautiful. I created my first abstract work completely by accident, posted it to Instagram, and received my first commission.

I am now creating work for clients all over the world: from New York to LA, Israel, London, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. My work has been created live for audiences during my original performance piece UNTITLED ’54 about the life of Helen Frankenthaler which was in residence at The New Ohio Theater as well as various weddings in which I captured the heart and energy of the day at venues such as Handsome Hollow and The Kester Homestead. WOMXN IN POWER, my original sketch series, was exhibited at the 14th Street Y in Manhattan. I curated a gallery exhibit of my series of work called POSTCARDS FROM at St. John's and Greenpoint - creating an immersive and unique experience around my works created in Iceland and in Finland. My work has also been shone in/with the New York Art Fair, Teal Canvas, Gallery 104 in SoHo. I also create murals and collaborations for locations like Joe’s Coffee, Brooklyn Grange, Playwrights Horizons Downtown, Hosh Yoga, West Elm and more

Please check out and follow my Instagram @art_by_sharone

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