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Investing in art for your home can be an exciting but scary adventure. I work to make this as accessible and personal as possible. To me, having meaningful art in your home can change the way you feel and live; it can bring in some warmth, beauty, and a unique flare to your space!

So, scroll down and let's begin the conversation! 

I am excited to get to know you. 

Pricing & information i need from you

The Logistical Stuff: 



$200 deposit 

then X amount per square foot (the X is determined by our conversation)

It is important to me that artwork is something you feel you can invest in. I have created this formula to be able to work with you on a budget that makes investing in art exciting. 

Further inquires about pricing can be made through the CONTACT PAGE


Pricing will vary based on product, need, and scale


Size: Where is this going in your home: Living room? Bedroom? Dining room? What size do you want (the size will help determine your budget!) If you have low ceilings, tall, etc. I always love meeting you in your home or designated environment to discuss this as well, if you want my help consulting! 

Time: Do you need this by a certain time? Painting is funny-- some paintings can take me two months, while others can take me a week. There is no rhyme or reason, its kinda dependent on schedule, light, and painter's flow. But if you want it by 'x', I can make that happen. Once I had to do a painting in 2 days, and it turned out great! 


The Fun Stuff: 


Inspiration: What do you want this painting to evoke? A feeling-- for example, someone once said, “I want something to remind me that I am powerful and peaceful inside," or a memory, it can even be an idea, one person and his partner commissioned a painting and they explained how in the turmoil of the world, they are a constant in each others lives. Others have even given me poems, photos of favorite places in the world, and more. No information is too much. Photos are incredibly welcome! (People, nature, doesn't matter, go wild!) and please know, whatever stories you share are confidential. 


Color: Do you have a specific color story in mind? I have been limited to single or three colors, and other times there are no limitations, even a, "I love all colors, but I especially love deep teals!" But, no matter what, I want know what colors you love, and what colors you would like for me to avoid. Also, if I can come to your home (or FT in) I will take photos of the space to also make sure the painting is balanced and the right kind of PoP with what you have going on.


Music Music Music: This is a huge part of how I work. I move to sound. And whatever you give me, is what I will listen to as I paint. It drastically changes the way I work. So send me your favorite artists, or a single album, a general mood, or a playlist (Spotify playlist sharing is totally a thing). And that will be the soundtrack of your painting. 



Sketch Commission

For a portrait sketch, all I need from you is a photo you love, can be a single person or multiple people. From here, when the sketch is finished, I will email you a digital copy so you can print and send along to your heart's desire! 



all sketches begin at $60

price may vary based on how many

people, scale, and printing options

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