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in memoriam paintings

abstract works created with ashes 

What are
ash paintings


The Why

As an abstract expressionist painter, I always look at how I create to be a way of making emotions and memories tangible. What draws me to the abstract that it is more of a way to experience feelings than a linear way of looking at something. Many of the commissions I have received over the years have been about loved ones who have
passed away. I hold this responsibility with great care.
I believe my commission process has lead to this consistent clientele because of the personal nature of collaboration. All my paintings are inspired by specific stories, memories, ideas,
anything someone may want to bring into their home. Sound is also foundational to my work, so the client gets to provide me with what I listen to as I create.

Where do ashes come into play?

This past summer (2023), I spent time in the Amazon in Peru learning how to make paint out of natural materials. I spent a lot of time thinking about my clients while I was away, and all the works I have created around loved ones passing seemed to be coming to the forefront.
There are many ways people now think of ashes and ways to preserve the memories of loved
ones: Urns, mixing ashes into ink for tattoos, pottery glazes, pressing ashes into diamonds.

All this has lead me to think how beautiful it could be to combine my art work, my process with creating paint to honor those you love through color, texture, and expression. 



Step One: the transferring of ashes

Once we decide to go ahead, and a deposit has been made, I will send you a box to help make this process easier. 

This box includes: instructions, a jar, a scoop, gloves, and a smudge stick of herbs to burn if you crave more ceremony. 

You may fill the jar with as much of the ashes* you want me to use. The minimum would be about a single scoop. 

* What kind of ashes do I use? 

Typically I have used ashes from cremation for a person or pet. I do not want to exclude anyone who would love a painting with this detail added but cremation was not possible. You are welcome to create your own ashes out of items, like letters, clothing, ash from a camp fire, or anything you have burned that relates to your loved one who has passed. 

Step Two: Our conversation 

Once I receive the box back, we will sit down and have a conversation that is similar to my standard commission process. The main difference is we will talk about whatever you want this painting to represent about your loved one. This can be specific memories, a general sense of who they were, a painting inspired by a specific photograph, truly anything. 

We can meet in person, over video call, or if this feels too difficult, I can send you a form with some questions and space to share whatever you want in written form. 

I paint to sound, so you get to provide me with music or sound that makes the most sense for this work; this can be anywhere from your loved ones favorite artist, album, or genre, to the sounds of ocean waves or rain. 

Then we discuss how you want me to use the ashes. 

I can make a paint that is specifically just the ashes or I can mix the ash with a specific color. How much of the ashes you give me determines how much paint I can make 

Step Three: The creation of the painting and delivery 

From here, I will create this work for you. I will make sure to take progress photos as well as any kind of updates you would like within reason. 

Once the painting is done, we can figure out delivery: pick up, drop off, or shipping 


Due to the sensitive nature of these materials, these works begin at $2,500 

Payment plans are also available


A nonrefundable deposit of $400 is required. 

what if I want an in memoriam painting that does not include ashes?

Thats beautiful! For this, we would connect as we do for a standard commission. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions. I care most about creating meaningful work for you and generations to come. 

Let's Connect

If this feels like the way you'd love to preserve and honor a loved ones memory, contact me here and we will begin the process. 

Thank you for your trust

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